Abolish meaning in Hindi with Synonyms and Antonyms- Word of the day

Here is the Abolish meaning in Hindi with synonyms, antonyms and example sentence.

Abolish meaning in Hindi Abolish meaning in hindi

Hindi meaning-  

  • समाप्त करना
  • रद्द करना
  • मिटा देना
  • उन्मूलन करना
  • उठा देना

English Meaning- Something which is formally put to an end.

Synonyms- destroy, eliminate, cancel, annihilate, nullify, end, quash, eradicate, extinguish, invalidate, repeal, revoke

Antonyms- sustain, promote, continue, uphold, legalize, confirm, revive, ratify, permit

Example Sentence- The central government is all set to abolish the Triple Talaq practice.

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