10 Most Important English Vocabulary Words Day-1

Here the list of 10 Vocabulary words day-1Hello, readers, today we are going to publish the Daily English Vocabulary Words Day-1 list. These are all important vocabulary words, useful for various exams like CAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC, and other exams as well.

Daily English Vocabulary Words- Day-1

1. Entitlement- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अधिकार

English Meaning- having a right to something.

Synonyms- Licence, Grant, Allocation, Right

Antonyms- Ban

Example Sentence- Government gives special entitlement to backward class for the right to education.

2. Allegedly- (adverb)

Hindi Meaning- आरोपित, तथाकथित

English Meaning- something claimed Without any proof

Synonyms- Reportedly, Presumably, Apparently, Ostensibly

Antonyms- Accurately, Definitely, Assuredly

Example Sentence- Police arrested three people for allegedly stealing money from Bank.

3. Exaggerate- (verb )

Hindi Meaning- बढ़ा चढ़ा कर बोलना

English Meaning- saying something beyond the limits.

synonyms- Overstate, Overvalue, Magnify

Antonyms- Minimize, Understate, Belittle

Example Sentence- The teacher always exaggerates to explain the chapter properly.

4. Downpour- (noun )

Hindi Meaning- मुसलाधार बारिश

English Meaning- heavy rain.

Synonyms- Rainstorm, Thunderstorm, Deluge, Torrent of rain

Antonyms- Drizzle, Sprinkle

Example Sentence The city affected by flood due to downpour.

5. Possession- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- कब्ज़ा

English Meaning- keeping in hold or control.

Synonyms- Control, Hold, Seize, Capture

Antonyms- Entrust, Emptiness

Example Sentence- The land mafias always want to possess more land illegally.

6. Sovereignty- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- संप्रभुता

English Meaning- power or authority.

Synonyms– Freedom, Command, Domination, Supremacy, Independence, Self-rule

Antonyms- Subjection, Hegemony, Dependence, Captivity

Example Sentence- Thousand of Indian freedom fighter Sacrificed their lives for the sovereignty of India.

7.  Underpin- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- निचे से सहारा देना

English Meaning- Underpin is a verb which means support from the base.

Synonyms- Uphold, Sustain, Back, Corroborate

Antonyms- Undermine, Controvert, Attrition, Break

Example Sentence- Parents are those who underpin their child for the whole life.

8. Influence- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- प्रभाबित करना

English Meaning- the capability of putting an effect on something/somewhere.

Synonyms- Command, Pressure, Rule, Force, Effect

Antonyms- Debility, Disaffect, Deficiency, Backwardness

Example Sentence- U.S.A has a huge Influence on the World

9. Revamp- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- मरम्मत करना

English Meaning- Rebuild something or repair something.

Synonyms- Overhaul, Restore, Fix, Refurbish, Renew, Renovate

Antonyms- Damage, Destroy, Break, Abolish,

Example Sentence- During the earthquake in Nepal, India helped Nepal to Revamp their basic infrastructure.

10. Liberty- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- आजादी, रिहाई

English Meaning- Liberty is a noun which means personal freedom from oppression

Synonyms- Freedom, Privilege, Autonomy, Liberation, Exemption

Antonyms- Slavery, Captivity, Restraint, Dependence

Example Sentence- India is a country where people live with liberty.


These are today’s 10 Important Vocabulary words day-1 we will see you tomorrow. Remember we provide 10 vocabularies Everyday so keep in touch with us. Here you can learn the complete vocabulary list.

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