10 Most Important English Vocabulary Words- Day-2

10 Important Daily English Vocabulary Words Day-2Vocabulary is very important if you want to Improve your English. We publish 10 English vocabulary words
daily. Today we are publishing vocabulary words day-2


10 Important English Vocabulary Words day-2

1) Dilapidated – (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- टुटा फुटा

English Meaning- something damaged.

Synonyms- Damaged, Demolished, Deteriorated, Ruined, Impaired

Antonyms- Built, Fixed, Improved

Example Sentence- There are millions of poor people in the world are still living in dilapidated houses.

2) Disenchantment- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मोह भंग

English Meaning- Disenchantment is a  which means Free from a false belief

Synonyms- Disillusion, Letdown, Discontent, Detection

Antonyms- Trust, Delight, Idealism, Satisfaction

Example Sentence- If you watch the same movie, again and again, it might be the cause of Disenchantment.

3) Slump- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- गिरावट

English Meaning- to fall heavily or collapse

Synonyms- Drop, fall, Decline, Collapse, Sag, Go down

Antonyms- Surge, Rise, Ascent, Growth, Boom, Climb

Example Sentence- Majority of country’s Economy slumped in 2008.

4) Accommodate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- अनुकूल बनाना, सहायता करना

English Meaning- to do a kindness or to facilitate

Synonyms- Adapt, Adjust, Fit, Suit, Oblige, Provide

Antonyms- Disturb, Hinder, Disoblige, Impede, Disarrange

Example Sentence- The major difference between a Great person and an ordinary person is that a Great person always accommodates his work on the toughest time but an ordinary person can’t do the same.

5) Befit- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- अनुकूल होना

English Meaning- Proper or appropriate.

Synonyms- Suit, Behoove, Agree, Match, Go with

Antonyms- Contrary, Censure, Clash, Differ, Disagree

Example Sentence- An intelligent person always befits himself according to the situation.

6) Opportune- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- उपयुक्त

English Meaning- Opportune is an adjective which means suitable for a time

Synonyms- Timely, Auspicious, Favourable, Convenient

Antonyms- Inopportune, Unsuitable, Inconvenient, Improper

Example Sentence- You should always wait for opportune time to answer those who criticized you.

7) Baffle- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- असमंजस में पड़ना

English Meaning- confuse or frustrated

Synonyms- Confuse, Puzzle, Confound, Frustrate, Stump

Antonyms- AId, Assist, Explain, Support, Abet

Example Sentence- Majority of students always baffle while solving the puzzle.

8) Affirm- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- दाबे के साथ कहना, पुष्टि करना

English Meaning- Confirm with confidence.

Synonyms- Confirm, Assert, Declare, State, Certify, Verify

Antonyms- Deny, Negate, Nullify, Disclaim, Disavow

Example Sentence- After the surgical strike, Indian Army affirms the news on the press conference.

9) Avenue- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- मार्ग, द्वार

English Meaning- A way of entering into

Synonyms- Way, Road, Route, Path, Street

Antonyms- Hearth, Refusal, Egress

Example Sentence- Hard work is the only avenue of success.

10) Mercurial- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- चंचल, अस्थिर

English Meaning- Quick or Changeable

Synonyms- Volatile, Unstable, Quick, Excitable, Fickle, Erratic

Antonyms- Consistent, Calm, Certain, Stationary, Stable

Example- A mercurial person can never play Chess.


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