Lean 10 Important English Vocabulary with synonyms and antonyms Day-5

english vocabularyWe publish Daily 10 most important English vocabulary, which will help you to improve your English. Vocabulary is the most important part in English so you should focus very seriously on it.

10 English Vocabulary for Day-5

1) Stringent- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- कठोर 

English Meaning- tough and strict.

Synonyms- Harsh, Rigid, Hard, Austere, Stern

Antonyms- Flexible, Easygoing, Mild, Pliable, Relaxed

Example Sentence- The English teacher of that school is so stringent that the students always maintain discipline in his class.

2) Conspiracy- (noun)

Hindi meaning- साजिश 

English Meaning- a secret plan by someone to do something bad and unlawful.

Synonyms- Machination, Trick, Intrigue, Plot, Collision

Antonyms- Truth, Reliability, Trustworthiness, Accuracy

Example Sentence- He was arrested due to the conspiracy of a policeman.

3) Predecessor- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- पूर्वज 

English Meaning- someone before or former.

Synonyms- Pioneer, Forerunner, Vanguard, Ancestor.

Antonyms- Successor, Heir

Example Sentence- The predecessor of Indians are so intelligent.

4) Ambiguous- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- अस्पष्ट, अनेकार्थ 

English Meaning- something not clear or not having one certain meaning.

Synonyms- Uncertain, Unclear, Puzzling, Doubtful, Vague

Antonyms- Clear, Explicit, Lucid, Unequivocal, Distinct

Example Sentence- His way of talking so ambiguous that people can’t understand what he wants to say.

5) Benediction- (NOUN)

Hindi Meaning- आशिर्बाद

English Meaning- a state of being blessed.

Synonyms- Benison, Boon, Favor, Worship, Prayer

Antonyms- Curse, Bane, Anathema, Criticism, Malediction

Example Sentence- A child has always Benediction of his parents.  

6) Contingent- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- दल, टुकड़ी, आकस्मिक 

English Meaning- a group of people having a common target and something happens suddenly.

Synonyms- Team, Squad, Corps, Conditional, Unexpected

Antonyms- Sole, Independent, Unconditional, Absolute

Example Sentence- The contingent of Indian army is can beat any force in the world.

7) Fraudulent- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- धोखेबाज 

English Meaning- Cheater who cheats.

Synonyms- False, Fake, Dishonest, Crooked, Counterfeit

Antonyms- Honest, Genuine, Valid, True, Ethical

Example Sentence- We should always beware of online Fraudulence. 

8) Fragment- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- टुकड़ा, खंड, भाग 

English Meaning- Broken part of a whole thing and broke something”

Synonyms- Piece, Bit, Portion, Part, Section, Fraction

Antonyms- Whole, Complete, Total, Unite, Unbroken

Example Sentence- He fragmented his toy because he was upset.

9) Erudite- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- ज्ञानी 

English Meaning- having great knowledge.

Synonyms- Educated, Learned, Academic, Wise, Scholarly

Antonyms- Ignorant, Uneducated, Dark, Dumb, Unschooled

Example Sentence- Aryabhata was an erudite person, because of him the world can calculate the number. 

10) Juvenile- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- किशोर 

English Meaning- a young person under 18-year-old”

Synonyms- Youthful, Young, Adolescent, Immature, Puerile

Antonyms- Mature, Old, Adult, Elder, Aged

Example Sentence- It is against the law to persecute a juvenile in India.


These are the 10 English Vocabulary with Hindi meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and example sentence from Day-5.

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