English Vocabulary Words Day-32 With Synonyms And Antonyms

English Vocabulary Words Day-32 Hello Readers, today, we are going to publish 10 Important Vocabularies From English Vocabulary Words Day-32 set With synonyms and antonyms. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu Newspaper.

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English Vocabulary Words Day-32 With Synonyms And Antonyms

1) Dislodge- (verb)

English Meaning- Remove from a position
Hindi Meaning- हटाना, विस्थापित करना
Synonyms- oust, shift, displace, dislocate, remove, move
Antonyms- stick, plant, embed, fix, put, adhere
Example Sentence- The police dislodged several kiosks who were encroached roadside.

2) Kiosk- (noun)

Engish Meaning- A small shop.
Hindi Meaning- गुमटी, स्टल
Synonyms- stall, hut, booth, cottage, stand, box
Antonyms- big store, mall, shopping center
Example Sentence- The government ordered the kiosk owners to evacuate their shops from the footpath.

3) Mishap- (noun)

Engish Meaning- An unfortunate accident.
Hindi Meaning- दुर्घटना, विपत्ति
Synonyms- calamity, accident, tragedy, affliction, blow
Antonyms- success, blessing, fortune, boon, godspeed
Example Sentence- Due to the smog in Delhi, the mishap is becoming a common problem there.

4) Subsequent- (adjective)

Engish Meaning- Upcoming or coming after something.
Hindi Meaning- आगामी, बाद का
Synonyms- future, later, upcoming, next, successive
Antonyms- earlier, first, prior, preceding, initial
Example Sentence- After losing the first two games, the opposition is looking to win the subsequent game.

5) Curtail- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Reduce or cut something.
Hindi Meaning- घटाना, काटना, छोटा करना
Synonyms- reduce, shorten, abridge, trim, decrease, crop
Antonyms- add, prolong, expand, increase, widen
Example Sentence- The bank has decided to curtail the interest rate for the student loan.

6) Martyr- (noun)

Engish Meaning- The people who give up their life for their nation or religion.
Hindi Meaning- शहीद
Synonyms- torture, agonize, sufferer, victim, strike
Antonyms- savior, goon, suppressor, hustler
Example Sentence- People should help the family of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the country.

7) Reassure- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Saying or doing something to remove fear or doubt of someone.
Hindi Meaning- आश्वस्त, राज़ी करना, यक़ीन दिलाना
Synonyms- assure, comfort, ease, assuage, console
Antonyms- annoy, worry, discourage, disbelief, dispirit
Example Sentence- The government reassured the farmers that it would give compensation to them.

8) Exhume- (verb)

Engish Meaning- Dig out something from the ground.
Hindi Meaning- खोद कर निकालना
Synonyms- dig up, unearth, discover, scoop, unbury
Antonyms- cover, bedazzle, absorb, entomb, devour
Example Sentence- The city police exhumed a dead body from beside the hospital.

9) Eventual- (adjective)

Engish Meaning- Something which is likely to happen.
Hindi Meaning- अंतिम, संभावित, मुमकिन
Synonyms- possible, ensuring, later, consequent, final
Antonyms- initial, first, before, past, beginning
Example Sentence- Team India is looking for the eventual players for the upcoming world cup.

10) Portfolio- (noun)

Engish Meaning- The position of a Minister.
Hindi Meaning- मंत्री का पद, निवेश सूची
Synonyms- profile, dossier, file, summary, collection, list
Antonyms- disorder, jumble, collapse, mess, commotion
Example Sentence- The senior leader of the party disappointed for not getting any portfolio in the cabinet.

These are the 10 Important Vocabularies from English Vocabulary Words Day-32 Set. Learn Daily 10 Vocabularies to improve your English.

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