70 Fruits Name in English and Hindi with Picture – A to Z


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Fruits Name in English and Hindi

Hello readers, today we are going to publish 70 Fruits name in English and Hindi, from A to Z, and with Images.

This will help you to understand and to remember the names of All fruits. The list of fruits is made after good research.

People who are looking to learn the fruits name in Hindi to English, we made it simple of them.

Here is the Fruit name in English and Hindi list

1. Apple- सेब

Fruits name in English and Hindi

2. Acai Berry- कला जामुन

3. Apricot- खुबानी

Fruits name in English and Hindi

4. Avocado- मक्खन फल 

Fruits name in English and Hindi

5. Banana- केला

6. Blueberry- नीलबदरी

7. Cherry- चेरी

8. Custard Apple- सीताफल

9. Cantaloupe- खरबूजा

Fruits name in English

10. Carambola- कमरख

11. Coconut- नारियल

Fruits name in English

12. Plum- बेर

13. Dates- खजूर

Fruits name in English

14. Dewberry- ड्यूबेरी

15. Dragon Fruit– ड्रैगन फ्रूट

16. Eggfruit- अंडे जैसा फल

17. Fig- अंजीर

Fruits name in English

18. Feijoa- फ़ेजोआ 

Fruits name in English

19. Grapefruit- चकोतरा

Fruits name in English

20. Grapes- अंगूर

21. Gooseberry- करौंदा

22. Guava- अमरूद

23. Honeydew melon- मीठा तरबूज

24. Honeyberry- हनी बेरी

25. Jujube Fruit- बेर फल

26. Jackfruit- कटहल

27. Kiwi- कीवी

28. Kiwano- किवानों

29. Kumquat- केमक्वाट 

30. Lime (Lemon)- नींबू

31. Longan/ Lychee- लीची

Fruits name in English

32. Loquat- लोकाट 

Fruits name in English

33. Mango- आम 

34. Mulberry- शहतूत

35. Melon- खरबूज

Fruits name in English

36. Mangosteen- मांगोंस्टीन

Fruits name in English

37. Monk fruit- साधु फल

Fruits name in English

38. Nectarine- शफ़तालू

Fruits name in English

39. Makoy Fruit- रसभरी

Fruits name in English

40. Pear- नाशपाती

Fruits name in English

41. Olive- जैतून

Fruits name in English

42. Orange- नारंगी

Fruits name in English

43. Papaya- पपीता

44. Persimmon- ख़ुरमा, तेंदू फल 

45. Prickly Pear- कांटेदार नाशपाती

46. Peach- आड़ू

Fruits name in hindi

47. Pomegranate- अनार

Pomegranate Juice (2019)

48. Pineapple- अनानास

49. Palm fruit- ताड़ का फल 

Fruits name in hindi

50. Quince- श्रीफल

51. Raspberry- रसभरी

52. Red Banana- लाल केला 

53. Strawberry- झरबे

54. Soursop- लक्ष्मण फल

55. Salak- सालक

56. Star Apple- सितारा फल

57. Sloe- आलूबुखारा

58. Sweet Potato- सक्करकंद 

59. Suger Cane- गन्ना

60. Tomato- टोमॅटो

61. Tangerine- संतरा

62. Tamarind- इमली

63. Tart Cherry- तीखा चेरी

64. Vanilla Bean- वनीला बीन

65. Watermelon- तरबूज

66. Wolfberry- वॉलफबेरी

67. White Mulberry- सफेद शहतूत

68. Wood Apple/ Bael- बेल

69. Yam Bean- जीका फल

70. Zucchini- तुरई

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This is the list of 70 Fruits name in English and Hindi with Pictures. We hope this list of fruits helped you.

It you want to learn English vocabulary, this is the right place to learn and improve your vocabulary.

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