10 Important GMAT Vocabulary With Synonyms, Antonyms Day-35


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10 Important GMAT Vocabulary With Synonyms, Antonyms Day-35Hello Learners, today we are going to publish GMAT Vocabularies Day-35 With Synonyms, Antonyms, and example sentence. These vocabularies are also very important for the Upcoming, GMAT, CAT, XAT, IIFT, SNAP and other MBA exams and for those who want to improve their English. All the vocabularies are taken from THE HINDU newspaper.

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10 Important GMAT Vocabulary With Synonyms, Antonyms Day-35

1) Largesse- (Noun)
English Meaning- Something gave generously.
Hindi Meaning- उदारता, दरियादिला, दानशीलता, बख्शीश
Synonyms- donation, charity, generosity, endowment, philanthropy
Antonyms- greed, stinginess, illiberality, miserliness
Example Sentence- The people who are self-dependent, never live on others largesse.

2) Cling- (Verb)
English Meaning- Hold on very tightly to.
Hindi Meaning- चिपटना, दृढ़ पकड़ना
Synonyms- grasp, hold, stick, adhere, attach, grip, clutch
Antonyms- release, let go, detach, displace, discard
Example Sentance- When the child got afraid, he clung his father’s hand tightly.

3) Invincible- (Adjective)
English Meaning- It’s very hard or impossible to beat.
Hindi Meaning- अजेय, अपराजेय
Synonyms- unbeatable, unyielding, strong, powerful, undefeated
Antonyms- vulnerable, breakable, beatable, fragile, weak
Example Sentance- Indian under-19 cricket team was invincible in 2018 world cup.

4) Meteorite- (Noun)
English Meaning- A piece of rock which falls from outer space.
Hindi Meaning- उल्का पिंड
Synonyms- comet, shooting star, fireball, the meteoric stone
Example Sentance- A white streak can be seen when a meteorite falls into the earth’s surface.

5) Anathema- (Noun)
English Meaning- A strong curse.
Hindi Meaning- अभिशाप
Synonyms- curse, taboo, malediction, abomination
Antonyms- blessing, benison, benediction, amnesty, kindness, grace
Example Sentance- Reservation process in India is like an anathema for the students.

6) Bifurcate- (Verb)
English Meaning- Divide into two parts or branches.
Hindi Meaning- दो भागों में बँटना, द्विभाजन
Synonyms- forked, ramify, split, divide
Antonyms- united, add, adjoin, attain
Example Sentance- The political party bifurcates due to internal disputes.

7) Wayward- (Adjective)
English Meaning- Undisciplined or headstrong.
Hindi Meaning- मनमौजी, ज़िद्दी, स्वेच्छाचारी
Synonyms- contrary, erratic, stubborn, fickle, unruly
Antonyms- humble, obedient, unfailing, teachable
Example Sentance- Nobody likes him in the class because of his wayward habits.

8) Impasse- (Noun)
English Meaning- A situation that prevents progression.
Hindi Meaning- गतिरोध, कठिन स्थिति, बंद गली
Synonyms- deadlock, jam, predicament, blockage, standstill
Antonyms- journey, breakthrough, passage, growth, development
Example Sentance- No work progressed at the parliament due to the impasse by the leaders.

9) Necessitate- (Verb)
English Meaning- Make something compulsory.
Hindi Meaning- आवश्‍यक बनाना, ज़रूरी बनाना
Synonyms- require, need, demand, postulate, constrain
Antonyms- annul, avoid, appeal, eliminate
Example Sentance- Government necessitated the PAN card in every transaction.

10) Terrain- (Noun)
English Meaning- The attributes of land.
Hindi Meaning- भूभाग, इलाक़ा, भूखंड
Synonyms- area, field, region, territory, turf, ground
Antonyms- heaven, orbit, sky, space, ocean
Example Sentance- The mountainous terrain is full of challenges but it is adventurous.

These are the 10 important GMAT Vocabulary from Day-35. Learn daily vocabularies and much more English material on vocabadda.com.

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