10 Important The Hindu Daily Vocabulary for CAT, IBPS PO Day- 37

Important The Hindu daily Vocabulary Day-37 With Hindi Meaning

Hello readers, we are going to publish The Hindu Daily Vocabulary Day-37 for the upcoming CAT, XAT, CMAT, NMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC CGL, and other exams. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu Newspaper. We publish in such a way that everyone can understand the words with Hindi Meaning.

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10 Important The Hindu Daily Vocabulary Day- 37 For CAT, IBPS, SSC Exams

1) Portray- (verb) 

English Meaning- Represent something in a particular way.

Hindi Meaning- चित्रित, चित्र बनाना

Synonyms- draw, describe, sketch, depict, paint, illustrate, present

Antonyms- distort, disguise, misrepresent, confine

Example Sentence- The way he portrayed the whole project is unprecedented.

2) Stricture- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- Censorious remark

Hindi Meaning- निंदा, नियम, बाध्यता

Synonyms- criticism, hindrance, constraint, blame, inhibition

Antonyms- support, amnesty, praise, gratitude, endorse

Example Sentence- People should obey the government stricture of the alcohol ban.

3) Stern- (adjective) 

English Meaning- serious and unrelenting act.

Hindi Meaning- कठोर, निष्ठुर, कड़ा

Synonyms- cruel, strict, harsh, hard, tough, unkind

Antonyms- soft, kind, tolerant, easygoing, lenient

Example Sentence- India needs some stern rules to curb corruption.

4) Incarnation- (noun) 

English Meaning- A form taken by a person

Hindi Meaning- अवतार, देह धारण

Synonyms- avatar, epitome, appearance, showing, an embodiment

Example Sentence- Mahatma Gandhi was the incarnation of non-violent and truth.

5) Collude- (verb)  

English Meaning- A secret conspire.

Hindi Meaning- कपट-संधि करना, सांठ-गांठ करना

Synonyms- machinate, combine, conspire, collaborate, intrigue

Antonyms- differ, disagree, split

Example Sentence- Few people collude with anti-national elements to break the unity of India.

6) Hasten- (verb) 

English Meaning- Be in a hurry to do something.

Hindi Meaning- जल्दी करना, शीघ्रता करना

Synonyms- rush, hurry, speed, sprint, expedite

Antonyms- slow, halt, lazy, hinder, procrastinate

Example Sentence- In the final match of the Asia cup, India should avoid hastening.

7) Subsume- (verb) 

English Meaning- To include or absorb something.

Hindi Meaning- शामिल करना

Synonyms- include, involve, embrace, cover, incorporate

Antonyms- release, exclude, concession, resignation

Example Sentence- He subsumed a new feature in his personal computer to enhance the performance.

8) Reminiscent- (adjective)

English Meaning- Tending to remind memories.

Hindi Meaning- स्मृति जगानेवाला

Synonyms- recalling, nostalgic, redolent, mindful, memorial

Antonyms- forgetful, unmindful, unscented

Example Sentence- The trailer of Thugs of Hindustan is reminiscent of the Pirates of the Caribbean.

9) Polygamy- (noun)

English Meaning- a marriage of convenience

Hindi Meaning- बहुविवाह

Synonyms- bigamy, multi-marriage

Antonyms- monogamy

Example Sentence- Polygamy is not legal in the Hindu religion.

10) Hue- (noun)

English Meaning- A shade or color.

Hindi Meaning- रंग, वर्ण

Synonyms- color, shade, complexion, imbue

Antonyms- bleach, flaccidity, discolor, achromatic

Example Sentence- The hue of the sky looks scary in the rainy season.

These are ten important The Hindu Daily Vocabulary Day-37. Learn daily at least ten vocabulary to improve your vocabulary.

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