Important English vocabulary list with Synonyms and Antonyms Day-50

Important English vocabulary list with Synonyms and Antonyms Day-50Hello, Readers, today we are going to publish an Important English vocabulary list from Day-50 with synonyms, antonyms, Example sentence, and Hindi meaning. These words are important for those who are willing to improve their English and also for those who are preparing for various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, GMAT, NMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC, and other exams.

Important English vocabulary list with Synonyms and Antonyms Day-50

1) Concede- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- स्वीकार करना, कबूल करना
English Meaning- admit something that is true after first denying it.
Synonyms- accept, admit, grant, allow, surrender, confess, agree, accede, tolerate
Antonyms- reject, deny, dispute, dissent, fight, refute, disapprove, disallow, disagree
Example Sentence- After the third-degree torture by the police, the criminal concedes his crime.

2) Diverge- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- भिन्न होना, छितरना
English Meaning- separate and go in a different direction.
Synonyms- separate, differ, deviate, split, dissent, diverge, digress, desert, split up
Antonyms- coincide, join, concur, meet, associate, add, assent, blend, attend
Example Sentence- I was confused to choose the exact route because the road diverged into several routes.

3) Escort- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- मार्गरक्षण करना, अनुरक्षक दल,
English Meaning- a person or group accompanying another for protection.
Synonyms- usher, convoy, guide, accompany, lead, companion, protector, protector, partner
Antonyms- neglect, drop, neglect, leave, betrayer, assaulter, deceive, disclaimer
Example Sentence- The police were assigned to escort the pilgrims, to deal with any security threat.

4) Etiquette- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- शिष्टाचार, तहज़ीब
English Meaning- polite behavior in society.
Synonyms- manners, politeness, courtesy, decency, propriety, dignity, correctness, grace
Antonyms- discourtesy, rudeness, indecency, misbehavior, impropriety, callowness
Example Sentence- His etiquette won million hearts.

5) Courteous- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- विनम्र, भद्र, शालीन
English Meaning- polite in manner.
Synonyms- respectful, humble, gentle, gracious, mannerly, polite, gracious, friendly, decent
Antonyms- harsh, disrespectful, uncivil, rude, outrageous, ungracious, insolent, sarcastic
Example Sentence- A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was known for his courteous personality.

6) Superfluity- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- अधिकता, अत्यधिकता
English Meaning- an unnecessary excess amount of something.
Synonyms- overflow, overplus, abundance, surplus, excess, plethora, extravagance, overmuch
Antonyms- shortage, deficiency, lack, inadequacy, need, deficit, insufficiency, necessity
Example Sentence- We should avoid anything superfluity in our life.

7) Elicit- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- निकालना, प्राप्त करना
English Meaning- bring out
Synonyms- extract, educe, provoke, evoke, fetch, derive, kindle, obtain, generate, stimulate
Antonyms- detain, repress, cover, keep, abduct, append, amalgamate, copy
Example Sentence- His parents were trying to elicit the truth from his son.

8) Figurehead- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- नाममात्र का शासक, कल्पित सरदार
English Meaning- a head without real power.
Synonyms- mouthpiece, puppet, frontman, cipher, dummy, so-called, tool
Antonyms- backside, big fish, commander, main person
Example Sentence- Dr. Manmohan Singh was denounced as a figurehead PM.

9) Burrow- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- बिल खोदना, मांद
English Meaning- to dig to make a hole.
Synonyms- den, hovel, tunnel, dig, hole, undermine, mine, hollow, sap, scoop
Antonyms- fill, cover, apply, provide, place, include, expand
Example Sentence- The rabbit tried to burrow himself down in the ground so that the fox wouldn’t catch him.

10) Conflation- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- सम्मिश्रण, मिलना
English Meaning- merging of two or more sets of things.
Synonyms- amalgam, combination, fusion, merger, mixture, incorporation
Antonyms- isolation, separation, detachment, parting, disconnection
Example Sentence- The conflation of lemon and honey with water, makes it a healthy drink.


This is the Important English vocabulary list from Day-50. Learn daily 10 important vocabularies to improve your English.

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