Important English vocabulary list with meaning and sentence!

important english vocabulary

Hello, learners today we are going to publish Important English vocabulary list from Day-54 with Hindi meaning, synonyms, antonyms, and sentence. Theses English vocabulary words will expand your vocabulary.

1) Vacillate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- निश्चय न कर पाना, हिचकना, डगमगाना
English Meaning- a state of confusion.
Synonyms- wobble, fluctuate, hesitate, alternate, waver, seesaw, stumble
Antonyms- persist, plunge, remain, determine, persevere, abide
Example Sentence- When he saw different designs of shoes he vacillated to buy a perfect pair of shoes.

2) Abstain- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- बचना, परहेज रखना
English Meaning- restrain from doing something.
Synonyms- avoid, desist, decline, refuse, eschew, refrain, reject
Antonyms- accept, taste, try, attempt, enter, commit
Example Sentence- The doctor has suggested me to abstain from non-veg food during the treatment.

3) Scruple- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- संदेह, झिझखना, संकोच, आशंका होना
English Meaning- a feeling of hesitation.
Synonyms- hesitate, demur, doubt, uncertainty, vacillate, stickle
Antonyms- determine, decide, choose, persist, abide
Example Sentence- I always scruple when I have to ask my parents for money.

4) Astound- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- भयभीत करना, चकित करना, अचंभित करना
English Meaning- to surprise.
Synonyms- stun, stagger, shock, amaze, overwhelm, astonish,
Antonyms- bore, annoy, sluggish, dull, fatigue
Example Sentence- Akshay Kumar’s performance in 2.0 astound everyone.

5) Tarnish- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- कलंकति करना, धब्बा, कलंक, धूमिल करना
English Meaning- damage or fade something.
Synonyms- defame, stain, dirty, defile, pollute, damage, injure
Antonyms- brighten, polish, improve, purify, honor, dignify, glorify
Example Sentence- His crimes tarnished his family reputation.

6) Oblivion- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- गुमनामी, भुलक्कड़ी, विस्मृति
English Meaning- something which is forgotten.
Synonyms- forgetfulness, disregard, nothingness, limbo, nonexistence, unawareness
Antonyms- heed, awareness, mindfulness, remember, consciousness, recollection
Example Sentence- The movie put me in such a state of oblivion that I forgot to complete my homework.

7) Butcher- (noun & verb )

Hindi Meaning- कसाई, हत्या करना
English Meaning- a person whose trade is cutting up meat.
Synonyms- slaughter, murderer, perpetrator, massacre, murderer, killer, executioner
Antonyms- create, birth, renaissance, accomplish, origin, Genesis
Example Sentence- Some people don’t like to visit the meat market to see butcher.

8) Proscribe- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- देश से निकालना, त्याग करना
English Meaning- outlaw something.
Synonyms- outlaw, prohibit, ban, disallow, exclude, denounce
Antonyms- approve, accredit, allow, permit, authorize, enable
Example Sentence- Government should proscribe the use of plastic to control the pollution.

9) Ragtag- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- निम्न वर्ग, छिछोरे, आवारे
English Meaning- disorganized in character.
Synonyms- knavishness, villainy, roguery, heedless, negligent
Antonyms- attentive, prudent, kind, watchful, mindful
Example Sentence- A ragtag group of people always tarnish the society.

10) Slant- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- तिरछा करना, तिरछापन, तिरछा, झुकाव
English Meaning- a sloping position.
Synonyms- inclination, angle, tilt, slope, bend, twist, decline
Antonyms- straighten, level, even, flooring
Example Sentence- A slanted mountainside makes easier to track for the mountain climbers.


This is the Important English Vocabulary list from Day-54 with Hindi meaning. Learn daily 10 vocabulary to improve your English vocabulary.

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