Important English words list with Synonyms and Antonyms


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Important English words list with Synonyms and Antonyms Hello, Learners, today we are going to publish the Important English words list Day-55 with Synonyms, Antonyms, Hindi meaning, and Example sentence. These Vocabulary words are important for various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, RRB, SSC, and other exams. Learn the complete vocabulary list to expand your vocabulary.

Important English words list with Synonyms and Antonyms Day-55

1) Innocuous- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- हानि न करने वाला, सीधा सादा, अहानिकर
English Meaning- not harmful.
Synonyms- innocent, safe, naive, guiltless, innoxious, soft, nontoxic
Antonyms- hurtful, harmful, bad, destructive, damaging, wicked
Example Sentence- His innocuous nature makes him favorite of all.

2) Patronize- (Verb)

Hindi Meaning- सहायता देना, कृपा दिखाना, नियमित ग्राहक होना
English Meaning- to support someone.
Synonyms- support, sponsor, frequent, prioritize, connect
Antonyms- boycott, avoid, proscribe, reject, discourage
Example Sentence- We should always patronize the needy people.

3) Poach- (Verb)

Hindi Meaning- अवैध शिकार करना, गरम पानी में तलना
English Meaning- hunting illegally; cook over boiling water.
Synonyms- hunt, pirate, smuggle, plunder, snare, loot, rob
Antonyms- show, gift, protect, embalm, habilitate
Example Sentence- Poached egg is considered as a healthy option but everyone does not like it.

4) Extradite- (Verb)

Hindi Meaning- प्रत्यर्पित करना, अपराधी को सौंपना
English Meaning- hand over a criminal to the foreign state where the crime was committed.
Synonyms- oust, deport, exile, expel, outlaw, ban, proscribe
Antonyms- hold, keep, shelter, promote, retain, appoint
Example Sentence- When the country receives proof of his guilt, it agrees to extradite him to local authorities.

5) Earmark- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- चिह्नित करना, अलग रखना, दाग़, अनुदान देना
English Meaning- to designate something for a particular reason.
Synonyms- label, mark, hallmark, stamp, designate
Antonyms- unclassified, vague, unidentified,
Example Sentence- I have earmarked some portion of the budget to invest on some start-ups.

6) Alacrity- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- आतुरता, फुरती
English Meaning- having an eagerness attitude.
Synonyms- forwardness, quickness, enthusiasm, readiness, expedition, rapidity
Antonyms- slowness, sluggishness, laziness, dullness, fatigue
Example Sentence- After a long practice session, I went to play the match with alacrity.

7) Paranoid- (noun & adjective)

Hindi Meaning- पागल, संविभ्रम रोगी
English Meaning- suffering from mental disorder.
Synonyms- disturbed, insane, nervous, suspicious, psychotic, neurotic
Antonyms- normal, trusting, logical, calm, smart, believable
Example Sentence- People always think that he is paranoid but it was their misjudgment.

8) Pessimism- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- निराशावाद
English Meaning- the habit of seeing the worst aspect of things.
Synonyms- hopelessness, cynicism, gloom, distrust, doubt, suspicion
Antonyms- optimism, hope, resilience, hopefulness, believe
Example Sentence- Because of his pessimism he failed in the exam badly.

9) Demise- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- निधन, मृत्यु, वसीयत करना
English Meaning- expiration or end of something; death
Synonyms- abolition, end, destruction, abolition, downfall, fall
Antonyms- dawn, start, birth, creation, rise, beginning, genesis
Example Sentence- Online shopping is causing the demise of traditional shopping.

10) Enmesh- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- जाल में फंसना, उलझना, फाँस लेना
English Meaning- to become entangled in something; engage in a difficult situation.
Synonyms- hook, entangle, trap, tangle, capture, snag
Antonyms- free, disentangle, detach, clear
Example Sentence- The police enmeshed an innocent man in a hurry to close the case.


This is the Important English words list from Day-55 with Synonyms, Antonyms, Hindi meaning, and Example sentence.

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