Important The Hindu Vocabulary Day-21 For IBPS, SSC And Other Exams

Hindu Vocabulary Day-21Hello Students, today, we are going to publish The Hindu Vocabulary Day-21 set with Hindi meaning. These vocabularies are essential for the upcoming CAT, IBPS, SBI, SSC, and other exams.

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The Hindu Vocabulary Day-21 set

1) Vaccination- (noun)

English Meaning- Treatment with an injection to eradicate any disease or virus.
Hindi Meaning- टीकाकरण,
Synonyms- injection, vaccine, prevention, antitoxin, antidote
Antonyms- poison, harmful drug
Example Sentence- The government is providing free vaccination for the poor people to fight with polio.

2) Diminish- (verb)

English Meaning- Cutdown something.
Hindi Meaning- कम करना, छोटा करना
Synonyms- decrease, reduce, cut, curtail, minimize
Antonyms- expand, enlarge, increase, prolong, augment
Example Sentence- The price of restaurant food should be diminished.

3) Scant- (adjective)

English Meaning- Less amount.
Hindi Meaning- कम, थोडा
Synonyms- short, little, stingy, little, lean
Antonyms- copious, ample, excess, abundant, enough
Example Sentence- It is tough for me to survive because of a scant salary.

4) Disdain- (noun and verb)

English Meaning- insult someone
Hindi Meaning- तुच्छ समझना, घृणा करना, तिरस्कार
Synonyms- neglect, sneer, ridicule, contempt, disregard
Antonyms- admiration, respect, praise, regard, like
Example Sentence- We should not disdain anybody for his weakness.

5) Conceive- (verb)

English Meaning- Invent or form something
Hindi Meaning- विचार करना, निर्माण करना, गर्भवती होना
Synonyms- imagine, think up, perceive, originate, create, devise
Antonyms- abort, mistrust, confusion, destroy, doubt
Example Sentence- Scientists are trying to conceive a robot that can help the doctors in surgeries.

6) Truncate- (verb)

English Meaning- Shorten something by trimming.
Hindi Meaning- काट कर छोटा करना, छांटना
Synonyms- shorten, trim, reduce, cut, shorten, cut down
Antonyms- lengthen, augment, expand, enlarge, extend
Example Sentence- The electrician truncated the unwanted part of the wire.

7) Gritty- (adjective)

English Meaning- Ruthless nature
Hindi Meaning- अप्रिय, बाहादुर
Synonyms- rough, fearless, rude, courageous, brave
Antonyms- soft, gentle, cottony, spineless, smooth
Example Sentence- His gritty performance helped his team to win the match.

8) Soot- (noun)

English Meaning- A deep black substance.
Hindi Meaning- कालिख
Synonyms- dust, dirt, carbon black, smoke, carbon
Antonyms- cleanliness
Example Sentence- The black soot emitted from the chimney is dangerous for people.

9) Onrush- (noun)

English Meaning-  Attacking way
Hindi Meaning- आक्रमण
Synonyms- assault, Invasion, onset, offensive, incursion
Antonyms- defense, safeguard, protection
Example Sentence- The home team could not handle the onrush of the visiting team.

10) Crutch- (noun)

English Meaning- A supporting stick used by the lame person.
Hindi Meaning- बैसाखी, आधार
Synonyms- stick, support, aid, back, backing
Antonyms- oppose, hindrance, trouble, contradict, hamper
Example Sentence- A crutch is the backbone of a lame person.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from The Hindu Vocabulary Day-21 set. Lear these words to improve your English.

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