Important The Hindu Vocabulary Day-23 For CAT, IBPS, SSC Exams

The Hindu Vocabulary Day-23Hello Students, today, we are going to publish The Hindu Vocabulary Day-23 set with Hindi meaning. These vocabularies are essential for the upcoming CAT, IBPS, SBI, SSC, and other exams.

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The Hindu Vocabulary Day-23 Set

1) Furore- (noun)

English Meaning- Public Violence.
Hindi Meaning- उत्तेजना, हंगामा
Synonyms- rage, chaos, ruckus, disturbance, outcry
Antonyms- pleasure, hush, temperance, docility
Example Sentence- The furor from the public against the government policy turned into a riot.

2) Flurry- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- A sudden excitement.
Hindi Meaning- घबराहट, उत्तेजना, झोंका, अचानक होना
Synonyms- hurry, flutter, stir, agitation, disquiet
Antonyms- calm, dull, peace, comfort, harmonious
Example Sentence- With the flurry of snow coming down harder in the hill stations, it is tough to drive on the road.

3) Bully- (noun & verb)

English Meaning- A person who tries to oppress others.
Hindi Meaning- धौंसिया, गुंडा
Synonyms- rowdy, hooligan, hector, tough, coerce, rough
Antonyms- help, support, serve, favor, mitigate
Example Sentence- Police arrested some bullies who were involved in extortion.

4) Prevail- (verb)

English Meaning- Persuade someone to do anything.
Hindi Meaning- जीत लेना, बहकाना
Synonyms- win, endure, triumph, persist, command, beat
Antonyms- fail, misfire, forfeit, lose, attain
Example Sentence- It is tough to prevail in mind to stop eating junk food.

5) forbid- (verb)

English Meaning- Disallow something.
Hindi Meaning- रोकना, बाधा देना
Synonyms- ban, prevent, proscribe, block, hinder, stop
Antonyms- permit, allow, empower, sanction, enable
Example Sentence- The Government made a rule to forbid the old vehicles driving on the road.

6) Abdicate- (verb)

English Meaning- Give up something.
Hindi Meaning- त्यागना, छोड़ देना
Synonyms- quit, leave, abandon, resign, forgo
Antonyms- remain, continue, retain, maintain, stay, keep
Example Sentence- People who abdicated their bad habits became successful in their life.

7) Derisive- (adjective)

English Meaning- Expressing ridicule
Hindi Meaning- हास्यजनक, उपहासपूर्ण
Synonyms- absurd, mocking, ironic, jeering, taunting
Antonyms- praising, attentive, admiring, courteous, flattering
Example Sentence- Some people give a derisive statement for cheap publicity.

8) Mishap- (noun)

English Meaning- An unfortunate accident.
Hindi Meaning- दुर्घटना, विपत्ति
Synonyms- calamity, accident, disaster, blow, tragedy, affliction
Antonyms- a blessing, bullseye, luck, fortune, boon, prosper
Example Sentence- Some people do not obey the rule while driving, which causes a mishap.

9) Assuage- (verb)

English Meaning- Decrease intensity.
Hindi Meaning- शांत करना, धीमा करना
Synonyms- calm, mollify, relieve, soothe, soften, ease
Antonyms- hurt, agitate, intensify, disturb, provoke
Example Sentence- Some people drink to assuage their worries, ignoring health issues.

10) Proliferate- (verb)

English Meaning- Increase the number rapidly.
Hindi Meaning- संख्या बढ़ना, प्रसार
Synonyms- grow, increase, spread, multiply, widen, expand
Antonyms- fall, lessen, decrease, cut, damage
Example Sentence- The government of India regularly proliferating the arms of the army.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from The Hindu Vocabulary Day-23 set. Learn daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English.

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