Important Vocabularies with Synonyms, Antonyms and Hindi meaning Day-44

Important Vocabularies with Synonyms, Antonyms and Hindi meaning Day-44Hello readers, today we are going to publish Important vocabularies with synonyms, antonyms, example sentence, and Hindi meaning from Day-44. These vocabularies are useful for those who are willing to improve their English and also very important for those who are students and preparing for various exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT, CMAT, GMAT, IBPS PO, SBI PO, SSC, and other exams. 

Here You can learn daily vocabulary with a precise explanation, that helps everyone to understand the word properly.

Important Vocabularies with Hindi meaning Day-44

1. Immigrate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- परदेश में बसना
English Meaning- Permanently live in a foreign country.
Synonyms- colonize, come in, transmigrate, arrive, infiltrate, move in, resettle, emigrant
Antonyms- emigrate, depart, displace, evict, leave, evacuate, deport, quit
Example Sentence- People from different countries want to immigrate to the USA for a better lifestyle.

2. Emigrate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- स्वदेश त्यगना
English Meaning- Leaving own country to live in another country.
Synonyms- migrate, leave, transmigrate, immigrate, relocate, escape, resettle, move out
Antonyms- immigrate, remain, colonize, abandon, transmigrate, resettle
Example Sentence- Many Mexicans illegally immigrate into the U.S. from Mexico which is a serious issue of USA.

3. Turmoil- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- उथल-पुथल, शोरगुल
English Meaning- a state of great disturbance.
Synonyms- disturbance, tumult, disorder, mess, chaos, agitation, fuss, lawlessness, turbulence
Antonyms- peace, harmony, calmness, peacefulness, discipline, quietness, compose
Example Sentence- During the election, it is a challenging task for the police to curb any turmoil in the city.

4. Vigilant- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- जागरूक, चौकन्ना, सावधान
English Meaning- keeping careful watch.
Synonyms- attentive, watchful, observant, guarded, circumspect, heedful, awake, wakeful
Antonyms- unwatchful, unaware, careless, negligent, heedless, oblivious, reckless
Example Sentence- During the festive season security agencies keep special vigilant on the unsocial elements.

5. Bystander- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- दर्शक, तमाशाई
English Meaning- a person who is present at an event but does not take part.
Synonyms- spectator, eyewitness, onlooker, watcher, viewer, audience, gazer
Antonyms- participator, contributor, entrant, nominee, performer, aspirant
Example Sentence- Police took help from the bystanders to settle the case.

6. Belligerent- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- लड़ाकू
English Meaning- hostile and aggressive.
Synonyms- hostile, warlike, aggressive, militant, combative, fighter, offensive, warrior
Antonyms- friendly, warmhearted, kindly, good, favorable, gracious, defensive, benevolent
Example Sentence- Because of his belligerent nature, people afraid to talk with him.

7. Pivot- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- प्रधान आधार, केंद्रबिंदु
English Meaning- the central point.
Synonyms- hub, midpoint, center, wheel, revolve, axis, axle, middle
Antonyms- edge, outskirt, perimeter, border, contour
Example Sentence- His marketing strategy became the pivot of the company’s policy.

8. Liberty- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- स्वतंत्रता, आजादी, रिहाई
English Meaning- the state of being free.
Synonyms- licenses, freedoms, choices, autonomies, exemptions, permissions, amnesties
Antonyms- dependences, captivity, restraint, limitation, slavery, suppression, enslavement
Example Sentence- People who were fighting for liberty, are going to organize a movement against the government.

9. Introspection- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- आत्ममंथन
English Meaning- observation of one’s own mental processes.
Synonyms- thought, contemplation, rumination, meditation, soul-searching, observation, brainwork
Antonyms- extrovert, sociable, gregarious
Example Sentence- We should take some time daily to introspect for a peaceful life.

10. Statecraft- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- शासन कला
English Meaning- the skillful management of state affairs.
Synonyms- politics, policy, kingcraft, government, statesmanship, diplomacy, maneuvering
Antonyms- incivility, irresponsible, incompetence
Example Sentence- Atal Bihari Vajpayee was known for his statecraft.


These are the 10 important vocabularies with Synonyms, Antonyms, Example sentence and Hindi meaning from Day-44.

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