10 Important words with meaning and sentence Day-40

10 Important words with meaning and sentence Day-40

Hello readers, today we are going to publish 10 Important words with meaning and sentence from the Day-40 list. These vocabulary words are essential for everyone who is trying to improve their English.

We are a platform where you can learn daily important vocabulary, English grammar, English questions for various exams.

10 Important words with meaning and sentence Day-40

1) Exodus- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- प्रस्थान, पलायन, प्रस्थान
English Meaning- A circumstance when a huge number of people leave a particular place.
Synonyms- evacuation, immigration, departure, exit, emigration, flight, emigration, escape, leaving
Antonyms- entry, arrival, entrance, coming, landing, arrive, introduction, occurrence
Example Sentence- Villages are dying because of the exodus of people to the cities.

2) Indigenous- (adjective)

Hindi Meaning- स्वदेशी, स्वदेश में उत्पन्न, मूल निवासी
English Meaning- occurring, living, or existing naturally in a particular place.
Synonyms- local, domestic, innate, native, inherent, private, ethnic, homegrown, hereditary, vernacular
Antonyms- strange, non-native, foreign, exotic, alien, external, foreigner, extraneous
Example Sentence- Nowadays, people of the villages are fleeing to cities in search of employment.

3) Leap- (noun & verb)

Hindi Meaning- छलांग, उछलना, छलांग मारना
English Meaning- a sudden increase and spring or jump up in the air quickly.
Synonyms- bounce, jump, dance, spring, move, upswing, surge, gambol, vault
Antonyms- decrease, drop, dive, bout, slump, abate, destruction, dip, stumble, slip
Example Sentence- I enjoyed while watching the stunts in the movie, where the actor was leaping from the buildings.

4) Norm- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- आदर्श, मानदंड, कसौटी, नियम
English Meaning- a pattern or standard.
Synonyms- rule, pattern, standard, prototype, benchmark, example, measure, canon, principle, guideline
Antonyms- abnormality, exception, anomaly, exception, oddity, estimate, guess
Example Sentence- The norm of the company for the employee is stringent.

5) Epitome- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- निष्कर्ष, सारांश, निचोड़
English Meaning- a summary of extended writing and something which is a perfect example of a particular type.
Synonyms- brief, paragon, paradigm, summary, model, synopsis, abstract, conspectus
Antonyms- extension, expansion, addition, antithesis, enlargement, addendum, amplification
Example Sentence- The epitome of that article was beyond imagination for the readers.

6) Rhetoric- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- व्याख्यान विद्या, भाषण कला
English Meaning- The art of effective speaking, which is often considered as insincere.
Synonyms- verbosity, oral skills, oratory, bombast, elocution, discourse, expressiveness
Antonyms- quiet, silence, primitivity, fumbling, shyness
Example Sentence- Indian politicians are known for their rhetoric.

7) Snatch- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- छीनना, बलपूर्वक ग्रहण,
English Meaning- Forcefully seize something in a rude manner.
Synonyms- catch, grasp, grab, seize, abduct, scrap, swipe, capture, jerk, grapple
Antonyms- release, give, liberation, exemption, free, let go, relief
Example Sentence- Police have caught some goons who were snatching money from shopkeepers at the market.

8) Emulate- (verb)

Hindi Meaning- अनुकरण करना, बराबरी करना
English Meaning- Imitate to copy someone.
Synonyms- follow, copy, mimic, echo, imitate, parrot, simulate, parallel
Antonyms- ignore, neglect, condemn, disregard, overlook, divest, reproach
Example Sentence- We should always emulate successful persons to get success.

9) Carnage- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- नरसंहार, कत्लेआम, मार-काट
English Meaning- A mass killing.
Synonyms- killing, butchery, slaughter, homicide, bloodshed, bloodbath, holocaust, assassination
Antonyms- hospitality, friendship, courtesy, civility, amiability, decency, brotherhood
Example Sentence- The world has seen several carnages where millions of people were killed.

10) Hurdle- (noun)

Hindi Meaning- बाधा, रुकावट
English Meaning- a difficulty or obstacle.
Synonyms- hindrance, impediment, obstacle, barrier, bound, bar, blockade, handicap, block
Antonyms- aid, help, assistance, advantage, ease, cooperate, encourage, promote
Example Sentence- We face a lot of hurdles in life, but we should face it courageously.

These are the 10 important words from the Day-40 list. You can learn the complete vocabulary word list here. We publish daily important words with proper explanation.


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