Improve English Vocabulary Online From Day-29

Improve English Vocabulary OnlineHello Students, today we are going to publish vocabularies from Day-29. All the vocabularies are from The Hindu Newspaper. Improve English vocabulary Online on These vocabularies are important for IBPS, SSC, CAT, and other examinations.

Learn- 10 Important Vocabularies With Synonyms And Antonyms

Improve English Vocabulary Online From Day-29

1) Pliable- (adjective)

English Meaning- Something which can be influenced easily.
Hindi Meaning- लचीला, कोमल, आसानी से बश में आने वाला
Synonyms- tractable, flexible, supple, soft, amenable, tensile
Antonyms- firm, harsh, stiff, unformed, strong, tough
Example Sentence- The aluminum becomes pliable when it is heated to high temperatures.

2) Defer- (verb)

English Meaning- To put off.
Hindi Meaning- टालना, विलंब करना
Synonyms- delay, suspend, postpone, adjourn, procrastinate
Antonyms- hurry, decide, forward, advance, continue
Example Sentence- The supreme court refused to defer the hearing of Ram Mandir issue.

3) Broader- (adjective)

English Meaning- A wide area.
Hindi Meaning- व्यापक, चौड़ा
Synonyms- wider, breadth, bulky, vast, colossal, copious
Antonyms- short, small, tiny, lesser
Example Sentence- Indian cities need some broader roads to overcome the traffic issue.

4) Aesthetic- (adjective)

English Meaning- Charming.
Hindi Meaning- सौंदर्य, सौंदर्यात्मक
Synonyms- graceful, artistic, gorgeous, beautiful, pleasing
Antonyms- unattractive, nasty, ugly, homely, unpretty
Example Sentence- The Taj Mahal is known for its aesthetic marble art.

5) Conspicuous- (adjective)

English Meaning- Something which is special or noticeable.
Hindi Meaning- विशिष्ट, विशेष
Synonyms- outstanding, obvious, apparent, famous, remarkable, eminent
Antonyms- obscure, hidden, unseen, unknown, unimportant
Example Sentence- My friend has a conspicuous personality, which makes him different from others.

6) Conviction- (noun)

English Meaning- A strong belief in something.
Hindi Meaning- दृढ विश्वास, दोषसिद्धि
Synonyms- belief, confidence, sureness, certainty, persuasion
Antonyms- amnesty, disbelief, doubt, distrust, hesitation
Example Sentence- It is my conviction that my friend will get a good job this year.

7) Statute- (noun)

English Meaning- A written act.
Hindi Meaning- क़ानून, विधान, व्यवस्था
Synonyms- acts, canons, laws, ordinances, legislation
Antonyms- violation, anarchy, bandit, corruptness
Example Sentence- A new statute for the pollution will be passed by parliament.

8) Penchant- (noun)

English Meaning- A strong linking for something.
Hindi Meaning- रुचि, झुकाव
Synonyms- fondness, taste, inclination, preference, weakness
Antonyms- dislike, hate, distaste, disinclination, disgust
Example Sentence- Indian cricket team captain Virat Kohli has a penchant for the Fitness.

9) Anomaly- (noun)

English Meaning- Something inconsistent or unexpected.
Hindi Meaning- अनियमितता, अनियम, अप्रत्याशित
Synonyms- irregularity, deviation, nonconformity, inconsistency, distortion
Antonyms- conformity, regularity, punctuality, normalcy, usual
Example Sentence- It is an anomaly because my friend came to school on time.

10) Exposure- (noun)

English Meaning- No protection or visible to others.
Hindi Meaning- अनावरण, दिशा
Synonyms- display, revelation, disclosure, exhibition, showing
Antonyms- cover, hiding, protection, concealment, annexation
Example Sentence- Exposure to U.V rays from the sun can cause harmful skin disease.

These are the 10 important vocabularies from Day-29. Improve English Vocabulary Online on, where we publish vocabularies, grammar, English questions are much more.

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