What is a Preposition? | Definition With Important Examples

What is a preposition?The Preposition is an Important part of English Grammar. It helps you to improve your English. We have covered the entire English grammar.

What is a preposition?

Definition- Prepositions are the words that create a relationship with other words in a sentence. They are placed before a noun or pronoun. There are almost 100 prepositions in the English language.

Some Prepositions are- At, in, by, to, through, off, of, on, for, from, with, into, after, before, under, about, near, till, over, between, during, towards, without, behind, among, up, below, down, since, etc.

Example Sentences-

  • I am doing this for my country.
  • He is always with me.

These are some conditions where we use the prepositions after the sentence.

A) We use the preposition after the sentence in the passive voice.

Example Sentences-

  • The case is being enquired into.
  • The machine is being operated on.

B) If we use ‘Where’ as an interrogative adverb then we should use them at the end.

Example Sentences-

  • Where is he going to?
  • Where is she coming from?

C) If we use What/Which/Whose as an interrogative pronoun in an objective case then we use it at the end.

Example Sentences-

  • What program is going on?
  • Which house do you belong to?
  • Whose house do you live in?

D) If we remove the relative pronouns (whom, that, which) of an objective case then we use them at the end of the sentence.

Example Sentences-

  • This is the toy I play with.
  • This is the car I am thinking about.

E) If we use the relative pronoun ‘that’ in an objective case, we use it at the end of the sentence.

Example Sentences-

  • This is the bat that I was playing with.
  • This is the house that I was looking for.

This is the first part of the Propositions where we discussed the basic things.

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