How To Prevent Exam Stress – 9 Tips To Reduce


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Exam StressHello Students, Today I am going to discuss one of the most serious problems for students, that is Exam stress. Nowadays almost every student has an immense exam pressure. Students have pressure because of different reasons but it is true that everyone has lots of exam tension.

School or College students have pressure to get good marks in exams and those students who are preparing for the entrance exams, they have a different level of pressure. Those students who handle this pressure, get success but the majority of students are not able to handle this pressure and they start taking Exam stress, which causes the failure. We don’t want any student faces this problem.

That is why we are going to provide 9 helpful stress management tips to prevent or overcome exam pressure. So that every student can prepare their exam well and can get the success.

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9 Helpful Tips To Prevent or Handle Exam Stress

1) Make A Routine

Generally, students do not make any routine and some students make routine but do not follow regularly. If you are also one of these students then you should instantly make routine because without a proper timetable or consistency it is very difficult to achieve any goal in life.

Not only students but those who are successful in their life they all have a set pattern or routine which they follow regularly.

So make a routine and divide it with all the activities you do in a day and follow it. It will make you more consistent which is very important for students.

2) Avoid distractions

Nowadays, Students have a lot of distractions like Social media, TV, mobile, friends in their life.  Every student has all these distractions which are nothing but wastage of precious time. If your exams are on the way, you should control over these.

The biggest distraction for students is the smartphone and social media platforms like Facebook and WhatsApp, which have very fewer pros but excess cons. Students are passing their important time with their smartphones, which make them inconsistent in their studies.

So, stay away as much as possible from these things if you want to prevent the exam stress and want to get success in your exams.

3) Reward yourself

This is one of the best techniques for self-motivation. Many successful people use this technique to motivate themselves. You can also try this technique in your studies. Make a target in your studies and reward yourself in return for its achievements.

Take a chapter and try to complete it in a certain period of time and think about a reward ( like eating a chocolate, Using mobile for 30 minutes ), which you can give yourself after completing your target. When you complete your target reward yourself what you thought before. This process will motivate you to do better.

Note- Do not take advantage illegitimately of the rewards.

4) Eating Healthy

After following all the above points now its time to take care of your health which is neglected by almost everyone. A healthy lifestyle is the most important thing in your life. In other words, “health is the biggest wealth”. 

Students generally do not take care of their health and eat junk food regularly which is the biggest reason for stress. So take care of your health. Avoid junk food and eat the healthy food.

5) Get Enough Sleep

Nowadays students are using their smartphone till late-night and waking up late in the morning, which is a bad habit. Many research says, people who do not get proper sleep, have mental issues like stress, depression and other problems.

So you should get proper sleep, at least 7 hours to prevent the problems like exam stress. Get proper sleep and wake up early which will help you to maintain your routine.

6) Play some game

Majority of students don’t play any game during their exam time. If you are also living an inactive life and not doing any physical activities you are not on a right track. Play some game with your friends, which also refresh your mind and prevent your exam stress.

7) Do yoga and meditation

Yoga and meditation is the best medicine for every problem. Take some time daily for yoga and meditation. These are very helpful for healthy living. Meditation is the best solution for stress and depression.

So make a habit to do yoga and meditation every day. Daily 5 to 10 minutes of meditation will prevent your exam stress immensely.

8) Watch motivational videos

Motivation is the key to success. If you are not motivated then you can’t achieve your goal. So people are self-motivated and some people need some motivation from other people. So you can watch daily 10 minutes of motivational videos which will keep you motivate and inspire you to work hard.

There are various motivational YouTubechannels. You can watch videos on youtube.

9) Listen to peaceful music

Music is one of the best sources for peace of mind. In your exam time, music can help you to reduce stress. You should listen to some peaceful music in your study breaks.

Final Words About Exam Stress-

These are 9 proven and helpful tips to prevent exam stress. There are other ways to relieve stress but these are sufficient stress relief techniques to manage stress.

I hope you will be benefited from reading this article. Let us know which point you like most by comments.

Thank you and all the best for your exams 🙂

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