Top 10 Most Effective Methods To Speak English Fluently


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English is the most popular and the most spoken language in the world. There are millions of people in this world who are finding the answers to a common question of how to speak English fluently?

Why is Speak English so Important?

English is not only the need but it also brings a huge opportunity in their lives who speak English fluently. That is why today everyone wants to talk English fluently, you are also one of them.

You are thinking about how I knew it. I knew it simply because you are reading this article. If you are serious and committed to your English learning, you are in the right place.

I promise you after reading this complete article you will have some new ideas and if you implement those ideas, you will speak English fast and in a short time.

Let me tell you, almost everyone has a common question in their mind that “How to speak English fluently and confidently”. But due to the lack of proper information, the majority of people couldn’t Fulfill their wish.

So without doing any delay, I am going to discuss the 10 best methods, so that you can learn something new today.

How to speak English fluently? – Answer with 10 Methods.

1) Learn the basics of Grammar

Parts of speech are the backbone of not only English but any other language in the world. At least you should have the basic knowledge of Noun, Pronoun, Verb, Adjective, Adverb, Preposition, Conjunction and Interjection.

Learn all of them thoroughly, understand the rules of them. This should be your first and most important step.

Lots of people tell there is no need to learn English grammar if you are trying to speak English. but that is not completely true. Any language you want to learn first of all you need to know the basic grammar of it.

You can learn all the parts of speech on our website.

2) Learn daily 10 vocabularies

If you want to speak English fluently then you should have at least 3000 words stored in your mind. Learning vocabulary may not be an interesting activity for most of the people, but you have no choice, you have to learn at least 10 vocabularies daily.

We provide 10 vocabularies a day. You can learn by clicking here.

3) Learn phrasal verbs daily

Phrasal verbs are the most underrated section, but trust me learning lots of phrasal verbs can make your English speaking journey smoother. You can bring more fluency in your conversation if you use the maximum number of phrasal verbs.

You must have noticed while you watch an English movie, how the actors use the phrasal verbs in their conversation. Not only movies, everyone who speaks English perfectly, uses more phrasal verbs.

So you should make a habit to learn new phrasal verbs daily.

To Learn English Grammar, Vocabulary, Phrasal Verb, Spoken English, We Suggest you Join EnglishClass101.

4) Think In English

People don’t get fluency or they completely fail to speak English because they think in their mother language and try to translate it into English. When people do this, the process becomes longer and in the end, their Endeavor doesn’t bring any success and after some efforts, they give up their hope.

You should not do the same thing. You should make a habit to think in English. I know it is not an easy thing to do, but it is also not an impossible thing to do. First few days you will feel some annoyance but believe me after some days you will make it a habit.

5) Read English Newspaper/Article Daily

Wherever you live, I believe you must be reading a daily newspaper. If you are not one of them who is not reading a newspaper daily then it’s ok. Today I am telling you to make a habit to read a newspaper daily. I am not saying the newspaper should be in your local language, you should start reading an English newspaper daily.
You will know new English words every day from the newspaper, which will help you to build your vocabulary strong.

6) Write anything in English

Writing anything appropriate of 300 to 500 words daily can bring success faster. When you write something you have to think and that exactly what you need. You need to train yourself to think in English.
You can write about how you are spending your day, about your friends, about what you read in the newspaper, about your Favorite movie, etc. The more you write, success comes faster.

7) Watch And Listen to English Contents

If you are a Hollywood movie lover then I don’t need to tell you specifically, but if you don’t watch an English movie, you should watch one or two movies in a week.
Watching a movie can improve your listening ability. A good listener can improve his/her communication skills very effectively. Another benefit of watching an English movie is you listen to some new words and those words can help you to learn fast English speaking.
You can also watch some Youtube channel for English speaking.

You Can Try These Two Amazing Platforms to Watch and Listen to English Contents.

8) Speak With Someone In English

The biggest problem for most people is hesitation to talk in English in front of people. They waste their time in thinking that how people will react when I try to speak English. Some English language learners also become a part of the joke for people.

To overcome such type of problems, We Suggest Cambly for English Speaking Practice, as there you can find Hundreds of English Teachers always ready to teach and speak with you.

Try Cambly Free

You can also choose the customer care executives as your English listener. Customer care executives are there to understand and fix the problems of the customer. They never mind if you do any mistakes while speaking with them. Whenever you want to speak in English you can call the customer care and ask about their products. In this way, you will get a good practice of English speaking.

9) Record your own voice in English

“You are your best critic” 

If you want to know how you are doing and how much you improve then you can evaluate yourself by recording your voice.
First, think about a subject of which you are going to speak, then record it on your smartphone. You can record after some interval of time, like weekly, monthly. Store it in your mobile, you can listen to them and you can easily figure out your mistakes.
Try to not repeat the same mistake what you have done in the previous recording. In this way, you can eradicate your big mistakes.
Another benefit of recording your voice is you can correct your English pronunciation.

10) Don’t hesitate to make mistakes

Last but not least is don’t hesitate to make mistakes. If you always afraid of thinking about what people will think, then you are applying a brake on your learning journey of speaking English Fluently and Confidently.
First of all that is not your job to think about what people will think. Let them think whatever they want. You should only focus on your work.
Not only English whatever new thing you want to learn, but you also should not hesitate to make mistakes. The important thing you need to do is learn from your mistakes and move ahead.

follow these 10 methods seriously, success is not far from you. Be regular, because if you are not doing regular practice, it will be tougher for you to achieve your goal.

Hope you got some new idea after reading the article. We will help you with your English language-learning journey.

Let me know through comments that among 10 methods, which methods you like most.


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