Daily Vocabulary List From The Hindu Editorial Day-15

Vocabulary listWe are providing a Vocabulary list from The Hindu newspaper, which is so important for you to improve your English, also help you to make a good score in the English section. You should study English vocabulary daily.

If you are an aspirant for IBPS PO, SSC, CAT, IAS, it will help you a lot. For Hindi medium students, we always provide the Hindi Meaning also, so that every student can be benefited from it.

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Here is the Vocabulary list for Day-15

1) Consolidate- (verb)

English meaning- Make something stronger.

Hindi meaning- मजबूत बनाना, ठोस बनाना

Synonyms- Join, Amalgamate, Merge, Solidify, Integrate, Unite.

Antonyms- Weaken, Break, Split, Divide.

Example Sentence- Unity is the first requirement if you want to consolidate any organization.

2) Incentive- (noun)

English meaning- The process to motivate someone.

Hindi meaning- प्रेरणादायक

Synonyms- Motivation, Spur, Instigate, Motivate, Stimulus, Impetus.

Antonyms- Prevention, Hindrance, Block, Barrier, Obstruction.

Example Sentence- The story of A.P.J Abdul Kalam’s life is very Incentive.

3) Consequence- (noun)

English meaning- The result which is usually not pleasant.

Hindi meaning- परिणाम

Synonyms- Result, Effect, Aftermath, Outcome, Conclusion.

Antonyms- Antecedent, Start, Rise, Cause, Beginning.

Example Sentence- Consequence of his all unlawful acts comes to end in jail.

4) Catastrophe- (noun)

English meaning- A disaster caused damage.

Hindi meaning- तबाही, आपदा, बर्बादी

Synonyms- Calamity, Mishap, Disaster, Cataclysm, Trouble.

Antonyms- Happiness, Calmness, Fortunate, Prosperity, Paragon.

Example Sentence- Facebook donated 1 million dollars to the victims of the catastrophe.

5) Drastically- (adverb)

English meaning- strong effect

Hindi meaning- जबरदस्त रूप से, प्रबल रूप से

Synonyms- Voilantly, Sharply, Extremely, Dramatically, Immensely, Radically.

Antonyms- Commonly, Calmly, Silently, Lightly, Superficially.

Example Sentence- The price of the electronic gadgets decreases drastically in the festive seasons.

6) Revamp- (verb)

English meaning- to repair or fix something.

Hindi meaning- मरम्मत करना, ठीक करना

Synonyms- Renew, Fix, Repair, Improve, Renovate.

Antonyms- Break, Destroy, Impair, Abolish, Damage.

Example Sentence- The engineer revamped the impaired machine of the factory.

7) Quixotic- (adjective)

English meaning- Something unrealistic.

Hindi meaning- ख्याली, कल्पनायुक्त

Synonyms- Utopian, Dreamy, Imaginary, Absurd, Impractical.

Antonyms- Realistic, Common, Apparent, Pragmatic, Actual.

Example Sentence- Lots of youths are misguiding because of the quixotic Bollywood movies.

8) Liberalize- (verb)

English meaning- Facilitate or revoke of restriction.

Hindi meaning- उदार बनाना, मुक्त करना

Synonyms- Make easy, Facilitate, Acquit.

Antonyms- Restriction, Blocking, Confine.

Example Sentence- The Indian government is liberalizing the process so that Foreign investors can invest easily.

9) Terminate- (verb)

English meaning- The act of ending or destroying

Hindi meaning- खत्म करना, बिनाश करना

Synonyms- Finish, End, Wind up, Close, Destroy.

Antonyms- Start, Begin, Engage, Continue, Restart.

Example Sentence- The both sides decided to terminate the MOU because of some disagreement.

10) Offense- (verb & noun)

English meaning- Unlawful work or breaching the rule

Hindi meaning- गुनाह, उलंघन

Synonyms- Crime, Violation, Outrage, Misdeed, Sin.

Antonyms- Dignity, Service, Aid, Correct, Lawful.

Example Sentence- Two employees have been rusticated by the company because of their offensive act.

This is the vocabulary list for Day-15. Learn Daily 10 vocabularies to improve your English faster.

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